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cell  +41 (0)76 309 91 78


base  Zurich, Switzerland (the world is my playground)

Hi! 🖐


Cool that you've made it onto my website. I've been obsessed with taking pictures for many years already. Even as a child I used to run around with my dad's camera and tried to capture whatever felt right to me.


Still today, I'm trying to keep the curious eye of a child. Seeing beauty and authenticity is a mentality and a constant search. I am convinced that aesthetics can be found anywhere. That's why I enjoy traveling that much.

Today, my photography can be categorised into two fields:


  • Lifestyle & People 💃🍷🌴


  • Nature & Animals 🌊⛰️🐘


Get in touch with me for shootings and collaborations.

📷 📸 🚀

Let's go create!!


tell me!

Hey!🖐 Thanks for reaching out. Your message has been sent and I'll get back to you shortly. 🚀 Cheers! 📷

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